My cat's eye is watering

My cat's eye is watering

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My cat's eye is watering and he is scratching. Is there anything else I can do to help him? Is there a place in the hospital that will help him?

Answers (1)

He probably has a conjunctivitis type virus. It could also be a bite, as well. If you take him to the vet, the vet will likely look for the cause.

Answered by Dr. Donna McIlquham, M.D. from Los Angeles, CA

Sep. 26, 2013


Have him examined by your vet and have a special eye lens solution applied to both eyes at once for a week (as a preventative) and also keep him from scratching with your finger under the eye. Make sure you also wash your hands after this to avoid transmitting bacteria to your own eye.


My cat has a runny nose and snotty nose. Is it a common problem for cats?


Yes it is a common problem for cats. Most of the time the symptoms are caused by irritation or infection in the sinuses. One cause may be food allergies which then irritates the sinuses. Sometimes the cat is irritated by a foreign object like a spider or grass in the nose which in turn irritates the nasal lining.

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