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Pro pac dog food

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Pro pac dog food

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I have a 9 month old puggle and he is still on the "diet" of his birth. He was born with one ear on and it was never covered. He had to be hospitalized for several days to get his ear back where it belongs. I am now feeding him the Royal Canin diet, with limited success. When he is hungry, he eats. When I'm not home he does great, he will even jump on the kitchen counter and eat. But when I am home and I try to give him something different to eat (we try to give him the most protein he can eat) he gets upset, he turns his nose up and refuses to eat, and will lay on his back or sides and let me feed him off the floor. He does this until he has a full belly. I have tried several different types of food and he doesn't respond to them at all. He used to eat all of his meals off the floor and he is happy to do so. I know he has a small stomach and I am just trying to get him to eat the proper food.

I thought he just had some allergies and a little tummy upset and decided to stop him from eating off the floor. I have now tried the same food (Royal Canin Pro-Plan) on his kibble and it is also upsetting him. It doesn't look like a big difference between the food that he used to eat off the floor and what he eats on his kibble, except it is more expensive. I don't want to have to buy several more bags of kibble every week until he learns to eat the other food. I thought he just didn't like it. But he did not react that way to the floor food.

I don't want to force-feed him or give him medication unless it is a last resort. I feel like I am doing all I can to help him and I feel like I am giving him the best quality food that I can afford. Do you have any suggestions or advice on what I should do to help my little puggle?

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If your dog gets upset while eating, it means he is not hungry and the food is not good for him.

If your dog eats on the floor because you do not like to feed him from your lap, it means you are not properly feeding your dog. You should feed him while you eat and keep the table clean of crumbs and droppings.

If your dog does not like new foods, it means he is not willing to eat the food you are feeding him. Feed him small portions and try feeding him other types of food, and also try feeding him in small amounts. You can try mixing up the ingredients in your dog's food to give him a variety of flavors.

If your dog is only eating half of his food, it means he is not getting enough food. Try feeding him more food and try feeding him different portions. Try feeding him a different kind of food or try a different brand of food.

Don't force-feed your dog. It could result in digestive problems or even death if your dog eats something you shouldn't have given him or if you give him something bad for his system.

It may take several weeks for your dog to eat from your lap and for him to get used to eating off of his plate. Be patient, try different foods, and feed small amounts at a time. It may take up to 6 months before your dog will start eating off the floor.

By the way, puggles eat just fine on diets that have a little less protein than the regular puppy diet. The key is to feed enough food for your dog's size and age, not just the regular puppy food that you would feed a puppy.

Puppies do best on a high protein diet. I would not feed your dog any type of wet food for at least the first 8-10 weeks. You may feed them dry kibble after that, but your pup will be ready for a high protein food by about 8 weeks. I suggest feeding an adult dog diet, like the Proplan, from 10 weeks to about 8 months of age, and then feeding the adult diet from 8 months to about 10 years of age.

It sounds to me like you're being overly cautious. As a professional dog trainer, I often get the same questions over and over about dog nutrition.

I will tell you that my first response is always to be skeptical of anything you hear on the internet or read in a magazine. Most pet food and supplement labels are not regulated by the FDA and I have come across many bogus health claims that are not true.

But I always take a second look if I get a referral from a trusted veterinarian, someone I know I can count on. It also helps if I get a follow-up email after my initial consultation to ask about the results, how the diet and training is working and to find out how to get the dog back if I decide to stop training him.

But for a first-time dog owner like you, I think you're doing a great job. You've taken the time to really learn about dogs, read up on them and you've been diligent about paying attention to your puggle's health.

This means you've probably been reading up on how to feed your dog for a long time and you're very knowledgeable about how he reacts to the various types of diets available on the market. You've done the legwork, taken the time to learn all you can and I respect that.

What I am telling you is that, in my opinion, you've been over-cautious about diet. You've been asking the question about diet for months now and not getting the kind of answer you've wanted to hear. You might get lucky and get the response you were hoping for but I'd suggest you keep going, keep asking the question and you'll keep getting good answers.

You've done your research, you've asked your friends and you're trying different diets and brands. That's great and you should keep up the good work.

My suggestion is to be

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