Little dog with big ears

Little dog with big ears

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Little dog with big ears

Friday, May 17, 2007

Tinker and I had our second post-kidney-transplant visit today, so it's time to write up the summary and talk about my first week as an outpatient.

The week after the operation was really nice. I still felt a little off, but the nausea was gone, and I could actually eat a little and didn't throw up every time I ate something. I even managed to lose 5 pounds while I was off all of my meds, so I'd have to say that the kidney transplant is doing the job it's supposed to be doing. The problem is, that means it's not the way it should be doing.

First of all, I'd had a small bowel obstruction as a complication from my gallbladder removal two years ago. Since I'd had a partial obstruction two years ago, the doctor who was in to see me for the kidney transplant operation was concerned that I'd have another one. He also told me that he was going to use my old bowel surgery as a teaching tool to the young docs who might be called in to work on my post-transplant bowel surgeries. He did that in the best possible way - as soon as I left the operating room, he called my surgeon (a resident), and they went over what they were going to do to avoid complications. My surgeon then called me back in, and he was pretty impressed with their approach and he had us call an expert on small bowel surgery, who also gave us the go ahead to proceed.

All of this happened in the pre-op room, and all that time I sat in there in my hospital gown, and I was kind of nervous and excited, and I also felt a little weird, because my doctor was explaining it to a resident instead of me, so I had to sit there and listen. But he was explaining everything to the resident, and everything went perfectly. When he finished, the resident came in to talk to me - I asked him if he had any questions, and he did, but that was it. He left, and my surgeon went in to talk to me one-on-one for a while. I was a little concerned that he was taking it easy on me, but he reassured me that he really needed to spend a little time with me before he went back to his OR to operate, and we talked about some things. We discussed everything from my last gallbladder removal, to the little bowel surgery that I'd had as a complication of my other gallbladder surgery. Then I went back to the room where the nurse told me that my surgeon wanted me to try to eat some breakfast and she went back to talk to him.

The surgeon came in and told me that I could eat anything I wanted, because there was nothing in my stomach to get upset about. He also told me that the surgery had been a success, but that my new kidney wasn't working quite as it should. He was going to be removing it (or'retaining') in a couple of days and then sending it to the lab to see if there was any rejection. In that way, I was kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. I wanted to get home to see my kids, but I also wanted to get some answers. My surgeon said that he could operate on the new kidney himself, but I didn't want to put him through that and he said it would be a long process, so we compromised and he sent it off for testing.

That was one of the best days of my life. I woke up and my mom told me that she had just gotten a message that the lab was sending my kidney off for testing. My doctor had told me that the testing would take a couple of days, so I figured that I'd wake up to another message about that. Instead, he called me back to the pre-op room and he told me that they'd found my kidney had rejected, and he was going to do it again right away. The next thing I knew, he was pulling out all of the instruments in my abdomen.

I'm not going to say a whole lot more about that, because my posts yesterday covered a lot of that, and it's just not something that I want to go into in any depth. However, the good news is that my new kidney is not rejecting. I just finished my 6th week of antibiotics, and I think it's safe to start weaning myself off of them, because I've never felt better in my life. The whole thing has been a miracle for me, and I just have to trust that God knows what He's doing and that he's done me a huge favor.

The next few weeks are going to be a little bit of a blur, because I have a long list of doctors' appointments. I'm looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule.

The next step for me is to start tapering off the steroids that have been keeping me from feeling normal for the past two years. I'll be starting that on June 1st. That's the date that I started dialysis last year, so it should be the same date as that, but I'll know for sure on June 5th, when I get the all-clear to stop.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tinker and I took a road trip to Washington this past weekend, and we went to a park and spent a couple of hours together. It was a blast. The two of us have been a little busy with work and school for the past couple of months, and we haven't really had time for any road trips with the kids. So we decided that we'd just pack our little car and head to the Washington State Park system.

We're not really camping, we just stayed in a cabin. We had a fire, we made a fire pit, we grilled dinner, we drank wine, we played music, and we played in the water. It was the most beautiful weekend that we've had in a long, long time, and I'm so glad that we decided to do it.

Sunday, March 23, 2007

We're still in the

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